AEFIS at the U of M

AEFIS at the U of M

The University of Minnesota selected AEFIS through a competitive RFP process in December of 2019.  AEFIS is currently available on the Twin Cities and Rochester campuses, and any program/unit/college can use it at no additional cost. 

AEFIS is a fully customizable, integrated platform that enables a continuous improvement cycle by engaging students, faculty, staff, and administrators.  It allows for multiple levels of data collection, analysis, benchmarking, and reporting for various stakeholders to engage in evidence-based student success improvement. 

AEFIS currently offers 8 integrated solutions that the University has access to.  The solutions, and examples of how they are being used across campus, can be found in the table below.  

Solution U of M Examples Timeline

Curriculum Mapping + Outcomes Alignment

  • Visualize where outcomes are being introduced, reinforced, and mastered within your curriculum
  • Build relationships between course outcomes and program/college/University/accreditor outcomes
  • Identify potential misalignments, gaps, or over-coverage of outcomes

The College of Design began a curriculum mapping project in the summer of 2020, and they are using AEFIS to now visualize the alignment of course outcomes to program outcomes within each program.

Additional colleges and programs have implemented curriculum mapping as well.  

Fall 2020

Outcomes Assessment + Evidence Collection

  • Collect outcomes assessment data using multiple methods and sources
  • Automate data collection process through integrations (e.g. Canvas, ExamSoft, etc.)
  • Create and manage a centralized library of assignment rubrics
A number of colleges and programs are utilizing the Canvas integration to automatically push results to AEFIS for aggregate reporting purposes.  Reporting allows for the aggregation of multiple course assessments on the same outcome in one report to gauge whether student's are meeting that particular outcome.  Additional reporting is also available (e.g. by term, by proficiency level, by student's major, etc.) Fall 2020

Course + Syllabus Management

  • Create syllabi templates at multiple levels, and create a central repository
  • Automatically push University, or other policies, onto syllabi
Currently in Pilot Summer/Fall 2022

Outcomes Transcript + Competency Learner Record

  • Empower learners with validated evidence of their achievements
  • Create visibility into learning across your program including, curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular experiences
  • Creates a digital portfolio for the student to share with stakeholders and employers
Not currently being used Under review

Strategic Planning + Data Collection

  • Manage your strategic planning process and procedures all in one centralized location
  • Customizable templates can be implemented at multiple levels, and linked together
  • Create key-performance indicators (KPIs) as part of your dashboard and reporting needs
Data collection forms are being used by select programs/colleges to submit their annual assessment report electronically.  This allows for the centralization of the reports over time.   AY 2021-22

Accreditation Reporting + Self-Study

  • Pre-loaded accreditation templates
  • Manage your self-study process by assigning editors and approvers by section, compile your evidence bank, and managing deadlines.
Not currently being used Under review

Faculty Activity + Curriculum Vitae

  • Create a central repository for faculty intellectual contributions, service, professional organizations, and credentials.
  • Assists with the P&T lifecycle
Is not currently available for use Not available

Course Evaluation + Feedback

  • Build hierarchical SRT templates with the ability for instructors to add their own questions
  • Create and manage a question library
  • Conduct formative and summative evaluations
  • Customizable administration schedule based on your needs (beginning, middle, and/or end of term)
Currently, one college is using the course evaluation solution.   Not available University-wide