Collegiate Resources

College Contact Assessment Website
Carlson School of Management

Associate Dean: Dr. Vlad Griskevicius

Assistant Director, Curriculum and Data Management: Mychal Anderson

College of Biological Sciences Associate Dean: Dr. Laurie Parker Website
College of Continuing & Professional Studies

Associate Dean: Michelle Koker

Curriculum and Assessment Specialist: Brianne Schmidt

College of Design Associate Dean: Dr. Juanjuan Wu Website
College of Education and Human Development

Associate Dean: Dr. Nicola Alexander

Director of Undergraduate Education: Nicole Shopbell

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

Associate Dean: Dr. Frances Homans

Academic Programs Coordinator: Holly Klinger

College of Liberal Arts

Associate Dean: Dr. Ascan Koerner

Assistant Dean for Curriculum: Nicola Imbracsio


Core Career Competencies 

College of Science & Engineering Associate Dean: Dr. Paul Strykowski Website
School of Dentistry Program Director: Dr. Cyndee Stull Website
School of Allied Health (Medical Laboratory Sciences) Program Director: Dr. Donna Spannaus-Martin Website
Medical School (Mortuary Science) Director: Dr. Michael Lubrant Website
School of Nursing Sr. Executive Associate Dean for Academic Programs: Dr. Christine Mueller Website