AEFIS Resources

AEFIS Solutions

The University is in the process of implementing AEFIS across our colleges, schools, and select offices.  The following solutions have been implemented:

  • Curriculum Mapping + Outcomes Alignment
  • Outcomes Assessment + Evidence Collection
  • Course + Syllabus Management
  • Strategic Planning + Data Collection
  • Course Evaluation + Feedback (select users only)

Additionally, the University is exploring the following solutions for potential adoption in the future:

  • Outcomes Transcript + Competency Learner Record
  • Accreditation Reporting + Self-Study (2021)


AEFIS User Guides

AEFIS provides its clients with a number of Help Resources to its users, including User Guides, and a Community of Practice (free to join).  While we were implementing AEFIS with our early adopter programs, we recognized a need to create custom user guides on specific topics for U of M users.  You can access these User Guides below:  


AEFIS Uses at the U of M

AEFIS currently offers 8 integrated solutions that the University has access to. Examples of how these solutions are being used across campus can be found by selecting the See examples link.

See examples